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An innovator’s guide to intellectual property

For most companies, it’s not a piece of equipment, a commercial property or stockpile of inventory. It’s “intellectual capital” – namely the ideas, inventions and information that represent much of the value of modern businesses.

The Canadian intellectual property law firm Ridout & Maybee LLP recently prepared a guide for using patents, trademarks and other intellectual property to capture the full value of a business’s intellectual capital.

This straightforward white paper discusses the benefits of these forms of protection and how intellectual property can be used as part of an overall business strategy. It also includes a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a patent as well as:

  • When you should – and should not – patent an invention;
  • Examples of inventions that can and cannot be patented;
  • How to maximize the value of your company’s intellectual property;
  • Alternatives to patenting an invention; and
  • How to select and protect a trademark.

How to avoid
painful business budgeting mistakes

Since 1989, Corporate Renaissance Group has been serving the National Capital region with expert financial consulting and leading business platforms to help companies grow. They are a group of financial, technical, and business professionals committed to delivering end-to-end business processes and systems that transform vital corporate processes, including: enterprise resource planning, budgeting & planning, corporate performance management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, productivity, and sharing & collaboration.

What are your company’s budgeting
pain points?

For CFOs and their teams, budgeting, forecasting and financial planning can be akin to pulling teeth. It’s a painful process, and one that’s been slow to adapt to new advances in technology.

Corporate Renaissance Group, a leading Canadian financial and technology consulting firm, recently released its guide for how to avoid painful – and often costly – missteps corporate budgeting process.

This white paper highlights solutions to seven of the most common budgeting process mistakes made by CFOs and financial professionals across industries, as well as:

  • Why you should avoid spreadsheet budgeting;
  • How to keep your finance team connected on the go;
  • The benefits of using units and rates rather than dollars; and
  • Tips for streamlining the data collection process.

A modern approach to corporate budgeting

For more information on how your information is collected and stored, please click here

How to avoid
painful business budgeting mistakes


For more information on how your information is collected and stored, please click here



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